Frost Aviation

The Frost 323

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Introducing the Frost 323 ANR Aviation Headset

As pilots, we know lighter is better. Especially when it comes to headsets. The new Frost 323 weighs just that... 323 grams.

No matter what unit of measure you's light. Lighter than the Zulu and the A20. Lighter on your wallet too.

The 323 has been engineered to to these stringent weight standards without sacrificing performance or durability. Standard 323 features include:

  • Memory foam ear and head cushioning
  • 48 hours of ANR use before needing batteries
  • Dual volume controls
  • Metal hinges
  • Passive Noise Reduction Rating - 22dB
  • Active Noise Reduction Rating - 23dB
  • Total Noise Reduction Rating - 45dB
  • Bluetooth capability
  • 1/8" audio input jack for manual connection to audio device (iPad, smartphone, etc.)