Nice work!

Thanks again and congrats on your purchase of the Frost 323 ANR Aviation Headset. The 323 is sure to bring you countless hours of quiet, comfortable flight and you didn't break the bank!

Some Advisories

First of all some common sense advisories. Please read this entire user's manual before taking your 323 on it's maiden flight. If anyone else is going to be using your headset, please make this user manual available to them. In the unlikely event that you have an issue with your headset in flight, it is recommended that you switch to an alternate communication method and to use standard cockpit resource management to minimize any distractions.

Please keep in mind, especially if you've never flown with an ANR (active noise reducing) headset that your aircraft sounds such as engine, propellers, warning alarms and other sounds sources may sound different that you are accustomed to. 

When listening to other audio sources such as music via your 323 headset, please limit the volume to safe levels to ensure you are able to hear communications and alarms from your aircraft.

Do not attempt to disassemble or service the inside of the ear cups or any other parts of the headset. This would void your warranty and may result in unexpected performance from your headset.


Our advanced reverse noise cancelling technology can reduce up to 90% of all background noise.

We use a 50mm drive and a corona diaphragm for crystal clear voice communications.

We have two modes: ANR mode and basic mode. 

We utilize an over the ear design with leather covered memory foam ear cups for a high level of comfort that provides hours of anti-fatigue use.

Getting Started

Fitting your headset is the key to comfortable use and superior Active Noise Reduction. A solid seal around your entire ear and a symmetrical fit across the top of your head are necessary for you to experience peak performance from the 323. Here's a quick guide to a great fit.

  • Stand in front of a mirror so you can see the fit.
  • Extend the sliders fully on each side
  • Place the headset on your head and compress the sliders slowly on each side until the head pad rests softly on the top of your head.
  • Adjust the ear cups so that your ears are fully inside the ear seal and there is uniform pressure on your head.
  • Position the microphone 1/8 inch from your mouth.

Pro Tip

You will likely need to adjust the squelch setting on your plane's avionics to hear and communicate properly. Please refer to your avionics manuals as needed to understand how to adjust the squelch. 

Battery type, life and installation

The ANR function of the 323 requires two AA batteries. We recommend alkaline batteries from trusted brands for best performance. While we love mother earth, we do not recommend rechargeable batteries because they provide uneven voltage power which can negatively effect ANR performance.

Your 323 headset will continue to operate as a passive noise reducing headset in basic operation mode if your batteries die in use.

Please do not mix old and new batteries together.

A brand new set of alkaline batteries can provide up to 40 flights hours of ANR use. Exact duration will depend on the amount of noise reduction require in your particular aircraft. To maximize battery life, turn off ANR when headset is not in use.

To install batteries, remove the cover from the back of the battery compartment. Insert two AA batteries and ensure that position of the positive and negative terminals match the printed instructions inside the battery compartment.

Turn the ANR switch to the ON position the right ear cup and you will see a blue LED light when properly powered on.