Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to music with my Frost 323?

Yes, all Frost 323 headsets allow you to connect to your smartphone or MP3 player via a 3.5mm patch cable (included) or via Bluetooth using the included bluetooth receiver. It can also connect to other devices such as a GPS or traffic warning system. An Audio Priority switch on the A20 allows you to control if/when external audio will cutout during an ATC transmission. The A20 headset also has other Bluetooth profiles, including hands-free calling and multi-point, which allows you to connect to more than one wireless device simultaneously.

Are there any special deals on the Frost 323?

Yes! We currently offer 3 different discounts. One for student pilots, one for Certified Flight Instructors and one for active or retired military. If you fall into one of those categories, please email for your personalized discount code.

To qualify for a CFI discount you'll need to present a copy of your current CFI Certificate and a copy of the most current page in your logbook. You can request the CFI discount on up to two (2) headsets, once every three (3) years.

What type of plugs do I need?

For most of you, you'll want the standard dual plugs found on almost all fixed wing civilian airplanes. These will work on everything from a Cessna 150 to a Boeing 777 and everything in between.

How long is the battery life?

The Frost 323 uses two AA batteries. Battery life varies based on how much, if any, you are using the Bluetooth feature, but you should reasonably expect 40 hours with a new set of trusted brand alkaline AA batteries. 

What happens if the batteries run out?

If you let the AA batteries fully deplete, the Frost 323 will still continue to function as a normal passive noise attenuation headset. You will not get the benefit of active noise cancellation or Bluetooth, but you will still be able to transmit and receive normally with ATC.

What if I don't like the Frost 323?

We want you to be happy with your headset. Take it up for a few flights. If it's not everything that you hoped it would be, return it in the original condition within 60 days for a refund. No risk!

Can the microphone boom be worn on either left or right?

Yes, with the Frost 323 you decide if you want the microphone boom on your left or right side.

Can I wear eyeglasses with the 323?

Yes. The ear cups supple leather-covered memory foam cushions are designed to provide an effective acoustic seal even over glasses. You are able to wear your glasses without significantly diminishing the headset's noise reduction benefits or comfort. 

Do I need to buy anything else with the Frost 323?

Besides the headset, we include a hard side carrying case, auxiliary cable for connecting to your smartphone, ear seals, microphone muff, and bluetooth receiver. The only thing you’ll need to get flying is a pair of trusted brand AA alkaline batteries.

What is the warranty on the Frost 323?

The Frost 323 is covered by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Do you have any quantity discounts on the Frost 323?

At we currently offer a four pack for the same price as you could buy one industry leading ANR headset. Besides the four pack, you can reach out to for bulk pricing if you’re planning on purchasing more that 4 headsets at a time.

Do accept trade-in on older headsets towards the Frost 323?

Yes! We will accept your used, good condition, headset as a trade-in towards the Frost 323. This includes the previous generation Bose X (10) which was also known as AHX-02, AHX-03, AHX-04, AHX-05, AHX-06, AHX-07, AHX-08 as well as headsets from other manufacturers such as Lightspeed, David Clark, Sennheiser, and others. Email for more info about our headset trade-in program.